The FoNTI Colloquium

During the lecture-period the FoNTI team warmly invites all faculty members and academics of all fields broadly interested in questions about normativity to attend the FoNTI colloquium. The aim of the weekly meetings is to establish a research hub that facilitates in-depth discussions of ongoing work of doctoral students, more senior researchers, and other regular attendees. If you would like to join us for the FoNTI Colloquia and/or if you are interested in presenting your own work, please send an email to

The FoNTI Colloquium is coordinated with the WKAP-talk series and the FoNTI Invited Talks Series.

When? Thursdays (during lecture-period), 15:00 - 18:45
Where? NIG, 3rd floor (room: 3A); Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Vienna


  • Florian Uckmann: Social Ontology: Re-reading Husserl
  • Laura Crompton: The AI-choice Architect
  • Felix Danowski: Who cares about Frege-Geach?
  • Jessica D. Bicking: A Concept and its Discontents - The cognitive-affective Distinction in the Theoretical and the Empirical Work on Empathy
  • Daniel Niesyt: A Messy Epistemology of Introspection
  • Tom Fery: In What Sense Does Belief Aim at Truth? A Two-Stage Model of Doxastic Rationality
  • Thomas Seissl: After Aristotle’s ‘Now’. Late Ancient Commentators on Temporal Indexicality in Aristotle’s Physics 
  • Simon Weisgerber: Can Pictures Prove Theorems? Or Where a Practice-Insensitive Perspective Goes Wrong.


  • Vitor Sommavilla: Constructivism, Relativism, and Persistent Disagreement
  • Elisabeth Widmer: The Impact of F.A. Lange's History of Materialism on Socialist Interpretations of Kant's Categorical Imperative
  • Sarah Espinosa: On nature's de-commodification: Appropriation beyond property regimes
  • Hans-Bernhard Schmid: Normative Expectations in Joint Intention
  • Jessica D. Bicking: Intersubjective Understanding in the Face of Underdetermined Normative Meaning
  • Florian Uckmann: Coordination vs. Cooperation - The Social Foundations of Intentionality
  • Vitor Sommavilla: Metaethical Constructivism and Value Constitutivism
  • Tom Fery: On Epistemic Contextualism and its Being too Skeptic-Friendly
  • Aloysius Widmann: The Normativity of Prosocial Behavior and Reason-Based Choice
  • Feilx Danowski: The Puzzle of Pure Moral Motivation for Non-Cognitivism
  • Simon Weisgerber: On Diagrams in Mathematics
  • Niels de Haan: Collective Responsibility and the Problem of Asymmetry