Practical Information

Before the Conference

Due to Covid-19, our conference will be held online, via Zoom. Thus, if you wish to participate as an attendee, please e-mail to register your interest.

The Zoom-Link will then be sent to you a few days before the conference begins and will be uploaded here.

If you register, we will furthermore share the pre-recorded talks of this conference with you in due time.

During the Conference

Please note that the conference has four types of talks:

Keynote-Talks of an hour and fifteen minutes on the first two day and an hour on the third.
Regular Talks of 45 minutes.
Discussions of pre-recorded talks, of half an hour.
And Additional Pre-recorded talks, which will be discussed on the last day.


All pre-recorded talks will be made available here about a week before the conference.


Questions about the practicalities of the conference may be directed to 


Our guidelines for webinar etiquette and procedures can be found here