Forms of Normativity - Transitions and Intersections

Substantial progress has recently been made in our understanding of the nature and structure of normativity in every domain. Seminal recent contributions are concerned with the normativity of life, mind, action, sociality, logic, mathematics, etc. The FWF-funded project "Forms of Normativity - Transitions and Intersections" (FoNTI) employs ten PhD-students approaching the broad topic of normativity in an unique and novel way. The internationally selected researchers are geared towards research at the intersections between established subfields in normativity research. The intersectional approach proposed in this research scheme is guided by the hypothesis that the advances in specialized normativity research, on the one hand, and the general “top-down” abstract understanding of the overall landscape of normative phenomena, on the other hand, should be complemented by exploring the intersections between well-studied research foci in the field in detailed analysis. 

Faculty and Excellence

FoNTI gathers together an exceptionally strong faculty of experts in a wide range of expertise in various forms of normativity. The program provides a network of various specific and well-focused research topics which are strategically placed between established research foci and well-studied types of normativity to enable transfers and cross-fertilization between different subfields in the study of forms of normativity. The FoNTI research topics include basic as well as applied aspects of normativity research and are thus geared towards cutting-edge academic research as well as societal impact.

Colloquium and Talk Series

FoNTI includes a carefully crafted curriculum of doctoral Colloquia, an Invited Talks Series where top notch speakers from all the world present their ongoing work, Workshops, and summer schools which ensures internal cooperation and cross-fertilization, and strengthen an international network of leading experts. Most of these events are open to a wider academic public. The project aims at providing solid preparation for the prea doc researchers' post-doctoral work. FoNTI graduates combine a strong background in the full breath of relevant fields in the broad studies of normativity with research excellence in their field of specialization.

Images © David Schnell