Laura Crompton, BA MA

Laura Crompton, BA MA

Præ Doc

Laura Caroline Crompton
Department of Philosophy
University of Vienna
Universitätsstraße 7 (NIG)
1010 Vienna

Room: C 0211 (NIG)
Phone: +43-1-4277-46073


Areas of Specialization

Ethics of AI, Robot Ethics, Philosophy of Technology



My research centers around the ethical concerns and social implications that arise through human-AI interaction.
My PhD project concentrates on the influence Decision Support Systems (DSS) have on human agents. For this I will elaborate on a specific case, which very clearly outlines the problematic concerning the ascription of knowledge, trust and authority to AI-based DSS.
Based on this, I then turn to an analysis and subsequent evaluation of this influenceability of human agents through this specific form of AI. A final part of the project will then turn to the question of can vs. should we take advantage of the human influenceability through AI. The example of using AI as means to nudge human agents to more environmental- and climate friendly behaviour is to help dissassemble the ethical challenges this question.

Supervisors: Hans Bernhard Schmid, Mark Coeckelbergh


Upcoming Talks

28.05.2020 // Talk - FoNTI Ethics of AI: Human-AI Interaction Workshop: "Human Influenceability through AI - An Analysis and Evaluation". // tba.


Past Talks

15.05.2019 (15:00-16:30) // Guest Lecture - Media, Technology, and Romanticism: “Romanticism with the machine: Mechanical Romanticism”. Vienna University // HS 31 (Hauptgebäude).

25.05.2019 // Talk - Swiss Embassy - Towards an Inclusive Future in AI: "Ethics of AI" // Swiss Embassy Vienna.

11.07.2019 // Talk - European Data Protection Board Conference - Can we trust our artificial eyes?: "Human Enhancement, Privacy and Ethics" // EDPS Brussels.

07.01.2020 // Guest Lecture - Introduction to Philosophy of Technology & Media: “Analytic Philosophy of Technology”. Vienna University // HS III (NIG)