Laura Crompton, BA MA

Laura Crompton, BA MA

Præ Doc

Laura Caroline Crompton
Department of Philosophy
University of Vienna
Universitätsstraße 7 (NIG)
1010 Vienna

Room: C 0211 (NIG)
Phone: +43-1-4277-46073


Areas of Specialization

Ethics of AI, Robot Ethics, Philosophy of Technology



My research centers around the ethical concerns and social implications that arise through human-AI interaction.
In my PhD project I analyse and evaluate the unintended influence AI can have on its human users. More specifically, I concentrate on AI that is implemented as decision support, such as e.g. AI risk assessment. I argue that this unintended AI influence is closely related to the Control Problem, and add that it has an important epistemic component.
Based on this, I then turn to the question of responsibility, and argue that there is a problem of decision points in constructs of human-AI interaction. While human-AI interaction is supposed to be characterised by a human decision point, unintended AI influence results in a human-AI decision point. This has important implications for the ascription of responsibility. In not being able to determine a human decision point, we cannot hold the acting human agent responsible for the respective action. The introduction of an Extended Agency Theory is to help address this challenge.

Supervisors: Hans Bernhard Schmid, Mark Coeckelbergh


Upcoming Talks



Past Talks

15.05.2019 (15:00-16:30) // Guest Lecture - Media, Technology, and Romanticism: “Romanticism with the machine: Mechanical Romanticism”. Vienna University // HS 31 (Hauptgebäude).

25.05.2019 // Talk - Swiss Embassy - Towards an Inclusive Future in AI: "Ethics of AI" // Swiss Embassy Vienna.

11.07.2019 // Talk - European Data Protection Board Conference - Can we trust our artificial eyes?: "Human Enhancement, Privacy and Ethics" // EDPS Brussels.

07.01.2020 // Guest Lecture - Introduction to Philosophy of Technology & Media: “Analytic Philosophy of Technology”. Vienna University // HS III (NIG)

20.08.2020 // Talk - Trust in Robots and AI Workshop: "A Critical Analysis of the Trust Human Agents have in Computational and Embodied AI" // Robophilosophy Conference 2020 (online)

01.10.2020 // Talk - Rechtlich - ethische Fragestellungen beim autonomen Fahren Workshop: "Ethik des Autonomen Fahrens" // TechMeetsLegal

17.12.2020 // Talk - Ethics and Technology Seminar Series: "An Analysis and Evaluation of the Influence AI has on Human Agents" // MCTS (TU Munich) (online)






"A Critical Analysis of the Trust Human Agents have in Computational and Embodied AI". In: Nørskov, M., Seibt J., Quick O. 2020. Culturally Sustainable Social Robotics—Proceedings of Robophilosophy 2020. Series Frontiers of AI and Its Applications, IOS Press, Amsterdam.



Guest comment in the Austrian Newspaper Der Standard on the problematic dynamics of Big Tech and Tech Regulation: