FoNTI Invited Talk Series

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Past talks

  • Xabier E. Barandiaran (University of Basque Country, UPV/EHU) & Tiago Rama (Autonomous University of Barcelona) - "An organismic path for teleosemantics: from biological to cognitive autonomy" (held online)
  • Deborah G. Johnson (University of Virginia) & Mario Verdicchio (University of Bergamo) - "Ethics + AI ≠ Ethical AI. The Additivity Fallacy" (held online)
  • Jack Samuel (NYU School of Law) & Christa Peterson (USC) - The Right and the Wren (held online)
  • Robert Sparrow (Monash University) - Why machines cannot be moral (held online)
  • Ned Block (NYU) - Non-conceptual color perception (held online)
  • Tom Angier (University of Cape Town) - Human Enhancement and Human Nature (held online)
  • Sven Nyholm (Utrecht University) - A Vice/Virtue Asymmetry in the Ethics of Human-Robot Interaction (held online)
  • Mark Schroeder (University of Southern California) - Rationality in Retrospect (held online)
  • Atoosa Kasirzadeh (Australian National University) - Reasons, Values, Stakeholders: A Philosophical Framework for Explainable Artificial Intelligence (held online)
  • Hartry Field (New York University) - Naive Properties (held online)
  • David Gunkel (Northern Illinois University) - The Right(s) Question: Can and Should Robots have Rights? (held online)
  • Alessandra Marra (MCMP) - From Oughts to Goals: A logic for Enkrasia (held online)
    Talk in conjunction with the Logic Cafe
  • Endre Begby (Simon Fraser University) - Prejudiced Belief from an Epistemological Point of View (held online)
  • Bob Beddor (Singapore University) - Noncognitivism without Expressivism (held online)
  • Gillian Russell (UNC Chapel Hill) - Logic isn't Normative (held online)
    Talk in conjunction with the Logic Cafe
  • Stephen Kearns (Florida) - Evidence and the role of reason (held online)
  • Katalin Farkas (CEU) - Knowledge of things and knowledge of truths (held online)
  • Alan Thomas  (University of York) - Virtue, Authenticity and Irony (held online)
  • Christopher Burr  (Alan Turing Institute / Oxford) - Right to Intervene? Psychological integrity in an age of automated decisions
  • David Corfield (Kent) - The Dynamics of Mathematical Reason
  • Scott Soames  (USC) - Philosophy of Language: From First Philosophy to the Foundations of Linguistic Science
  • José Luis Bermudez  (A&M Texas) - Framing decisions: Rationality and intensionality
  • Sarah K. Paul  (NYU Abu Dhabi) - Perseverance and Planning in the Face of Doubt
  • Sally Haslanger  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) - Sex and Power: Can Ideology Critique be Empowering?
  • Sanford Goldberg  (Northwestern) - The Normativity of Knowledge and the Scope and Sources of Defeat
  • Martin Saar  (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main / Institute for Social Research) - Society and Critique