Felix Danowski, BA MA

Felix Danowski, BA MA

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Felix Danowski
Department of Philosophy
University of Vienna
Universitätsstraße 7 (NIG)
1010 Vienna

Room: C 0211 (NIG)
Phone: +43-1-4277-46073


Areas of Specialization

Metaethics, Philosophy of Action



Moral Epistemology and Non-Cognitivism
What can considerations about moral inquiry and moral epistemology tell us about the nature of moral thought and judgment? Specifically, are there sound arguments for or against Non-Cognitivism that arise from our best picture of moral inquiry? And what might that picture be like?

Supervisors: Max Kölbel, Esther Ramharter



Upcoming Talks

23.03.2020 // Workshop on Practical and Meta-Ethics: "What Reflective Equilibrium can do" -- University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria.

Recent Talks

07.11.2019 // FoNTI Colloquium: "The Non-Cognitivist who knew too much" -- University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria.

29.05.2019 // FoNTI Colloquium: "Who cares about Frege-Geach?" -- University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria.


Work in Progress