FoNTI Invited Talk Series

  Upcoming Talks

  • Alan Thomas (University of York)
    Virtue, Authenticity and Irony
    09.04.2020 // 16.45 // NIG Room 3A
  • Rebekka Hufendiek (Basel/Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald)
    The Normativity of Embodied Emotions (Working Title)
    23.04.2020 // 16.45 // NIG Room 3A
  • Workshop on Ethics of AI: Human-AI Interaction,
    with Mark Coeckelbergh, Shannon Vallor, and more.
    28.05.2020 // 9.30 - 18.00 // NIG Room TBA
  • Andrea Kern (Leipzig)
    16.07.2020 // 16.45 // NIG Room 3A

 Past Talks 

  • Christopher Burr (Alan Turing Institute/Oxford)- Right to Intervene? Psychological integrity in an age of automated decisions
  • David Corfield (Kent) - The Dynamics of Mathematical Reason
  • Scott Soames (USC) - Philosophy of Language: From First Philosophy to the Foundations of Linguistic Science
  • José Luis Bermudez (A&M Texas) -  Framing decisions: Rationality and intensionality
  • Sarah K. Paul (NYU Abu Dhabi) - Perseverance and Planning in the Face of Doubt
  • Sally Haslanger (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) - Sex and Power: Can Ideology Critique be Empowering?
  • Sanford Goldberg (Northwestern) - The Normativity of Knowledge and the Scope and Sources of Defeat
  • Martin Saar (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main / Institut für Sozialforschung) - Society and Critique